Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Bronze!

My first bronze pieces!

I have wanted to try the new bronze clays ever since I first heard about them and finally, after months of procrastination, I tried the new Prometheus Bronze Clay! I have to say, for my first time using the bronze and hearing that it is sometimes hit and miss on getting it to fully sinter, I couldn't be more pleased. I fired these in two different batches, just in case the first batch didn't turn out- but both batches sintered well and I am happy with the results-
I found the consistancy of the clay to be a little different than the PMC I normally work with, not as sticky, and fairly easy to work with. The drying time seemed much longer (maybe because I was so anxious!). The clay in the dry stage seemed harder to sand and file (maybe more dense).
Now, off to create more!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Charm Update

With the cutoff date for the charm swap supposed to be today, packages have been piling up here, awaiting to be sorted out and mailed back to everyone. There are some absolutely stunning and amazing works in these packages and it is so exciting to open each package and see what the creator has come up with for this swap! There are still a few packages being waited on before I can repackage all these beauties and send them on to everyone who is eagerly awaiting them, but I know they will be thrilled when they open and see all the wonderful creations!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finally Finished!

I have finally finished my charms for the EMC charm swap- well, they've actually been finished for a while, but with the deadline being tomorrow I decided I should go ahead and add all the jumprings- so now they are officially finished!

There were just a few charms that ended up with gloriously colored patina, and I decided to leave those alone since I just couldn't bear to take off the fabulous colors. I did make a few extra charms, so now I just have to decide whether to keep one or two with the colors for myself or let them all go to new homes to be enjoyed by others.

EMC Charm Swap Countdown

With the deadline for the Etsy Metal Clay charm swap quickly approaching, the charms have started arriving. Since I volunteered to repackage all the charms and get them back out to everyone, I have the privilage of seeing everyone's creations- and it is so exciting to see them all! I find myself eagerly waiting for the mail every day, and with packages coming it's almost like Christmas-