Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Bronze!

My first bronze pieces!

I have wanted to try the new bronze clays ever since I first heard about them and finally, after months of procrastination, I tried the new Prometheus Bronze Clay! I have to say, for my first time using the bronze and hearing that it is sometimes hit and miss on getting it to fully sinter, I couldn't be more pleased. I fired these in two different batches, just in case the first batch didn't turn out- but both batches sintered well and I am happy with the results-
I found the consistancy of the clay to be a little different than the PMC I normally work with, not as sticky, and fairly easy to work with. The drying time seemed much longer (maybe because I was so anxious!). The clay in the dry stage seemed harder to sand and file (maybe more dense).
Now, off to create more!

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  1. So very pretty! You are so lucky about your first firing going off without a hitch, the first time I fired the bronzclay I had a bunch of pieces crack. Some of them were totally unusable but some of them actually looked really neat with the cracks so I used them anyway - and the patina that they came out of the kiln with was so beautiful!